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    Type 8735 - Multi-channel mass flow controller (MFC) / meter (MFM) for gases

    Product Image Type 8735

    Specific products may differ slightly from the general images shown.

    Please consider the technical attributes.

    Type Description

    Type 8735 forms the basis of the modular and economical multi-channel flow control systems for gases. The semi-standardised modular system consists of assemblies that can be put together flexibly and according to requirements. At the heart of the system are the thermal mass flow controllers / meters (MFCs/MFMs) for gases. Therefore, Type 8735 enables tailor-made solutions without generating long development times and costs. Multi-channel MFC/MFM systems Type 8735 are aimed at applications with several control loops and high volumes. For example, laboratory analysis equipment for spectroscopy or gas chromatography.

    • Nominal flow ranges from 0.01 l/min to 20 l/min
    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Very fast response times
    • Configurable from 2 to 8 channels
    • Tailor-made system without development effort

    To help select the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use found in the data sheet.


    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS Type 8735 data sheet | Multi-Channel Mass Flow Controller /Meter for Gases 743.8 kB EN / EU
    DTS Typ 8735 Datenblatt | Mehrkanal-Massendurchflussregler für Gase 749.3 kB DE / DE

    Declaration of Conformity

    Language / Country
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 25.2 kB EN,FR,DE
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 40.2 kB EN
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 41.7 kB FR
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 40.9 kB DE