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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

    Type 2036 - Robolux Multiway Multiport Diaphragm Valve, Pneumatically operated

    Produkt-Foto Typ 2036

    Specific products may differ slightly from the general images shown.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ 2036
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 2036
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 2036

    Type Description

    This Multiway-Multiport Diaphragm Valve system is designed for control of ultra pure, sterile, aseptic and steam/CIP fluid paths. It enables optimal sampling, draining or diverting of critical process fluids. The valve range is based on the patented Robolux technology, where two seats are placed under one diaphragm. This design eliminates dead legs and will minimize the flow system volume. The valve body is machined from a single piece of bar stock stainless steel. The high quality diaphragms are available in several different USP class VI approved materials. The valve is operated with compressed air. With the Feedback and Control Heads the Robolux fits perfectly into Bürkert’s decentralized automation concept. All valves will be delivered with 3.1 certificate, installation drawing and manual instruction.

    • Allows optimized processes designs
    • Reduced installation costs
    • Reduced number of valves and welds
    • Stainless steel bodies in different configurations
    • Approvals FDA, CE, USP VI, ATEX, 3.1

    To help select the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use found in the data sheet.


    Language / Country
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-2036D2_pdf.pdf 4 MB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-2036D2_pdf.pdf 4 MB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 Gehäuse - Katalog Übersicht 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-2036D3_pdf.pdf 459.9 kB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 Bodies - Catalogue Overview 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-2036D3_pdf.pdf 459.8 kB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-3C2S_pdf.pdf 603.6 kB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-3C2S_pdf.pdf 611.4 kB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-4C2S_pdf.pdf 617.1 kB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-4C2S_pdf.pdf 616.3 kB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-4C4SCF_pdf.pdf 828.9 kB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-4C4SCF_pdf.pdf 828.2 kB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-4C4SDFP_pdf.pdf 684.4 kB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-4C4SDFP_pdf.pdf 683.6 kB EN
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 3D-PDF-DE-ROB-2036D1_pdf.pdf 4.3 MB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 2036 - Intro 3D-PDF-EN-ROB-2036D1_pdf.pdf 4.3 MB EN
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 1000193217-A_2036_EU-DoC.pdf 2.1 MB EN,FR,DE
    DTS Membranventil DS2036-Standard-DE-DE.pdf 908.6 kB DE / DE
    DTS Diaphragm Valve DS2036-Standard-EU-EN.pdf 895.8 kB EN / EU
    DTS Position feedback/Control head DS8685-HeadRobolux-EU-EN.pdf 422.9 kB EN / EU
    DTS Rückmelde/Steuer- Kopf DS8685-KopfRobolux-DE-DE.pdf 436.1 kB DE / DE
    MAN Quickstart Diaphragm Valve MA2036-Quickstart-EU-ML.pdf 1.6 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN Operating Instructions MA2036-Standard-EU-ML.pdf 3.2 MB EN,FR,DE / EU