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Controlling process temperatures

Keep a cool head with the modular platform for temperature control in industrial processes

Your benefit

  • Modular design
  • No installation work needed
  • Minimal dead volume
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Easy to service design
  • Leak-free construction

Many industrial processes require a precisely controlled temperature to ensure quality. Various thermal transfer media are used to cool and heat, including air, water, oil or mixtures of these substances. Process temperatures can be controlled reliably on the basis of the flow values and with the aid of an intelligent solution.

To help you keep a cool head, we provide a simple and flexible solution for your applications: a modular platform for process control and temperature regulation in industrial processes.  

Modular & compact specifically for your needs

Whether your control system is motorised, pneumatic oder manual – you will receive the appropriately tailored actuator and control principle. It is also no problem to replace the actuators as required.

Last but not least, the modular platform for process control covers different measurement principles:

All sensor variants deliver reliable measured values and can easily be integrated into your system, irrespective of the application. The compact construction and placement close to the tool minimise dead volume. In addition, energy efficiency can be increased by reducing heat-radiating surfaces. Thanks to orbital welds and high-temperature graphite seals, no leakages occur even under extreme temperature differences. There is also no need to install the piping between the valves as a complete valve block is supplied.

Configure your individual system solution

Choose between different actuator, setup and sensor variants and the right communication interface specifically for your application. Contact us with your individual needs and we’ll find the ideal variant for your system.

Actuator variants




Actuator EVA electromitive
Actuator ELEMENT pneumtaic
Actuator CLASSIC pneumatic
Actuator manuel





Construction variants




Housing Element
Multi-channel solution process temperature control
Single-channel solution process temperature control







Sensor/Controller variants




flow sensor ultrasonic
flow sensor
mass flow sensor


0.1–60 l/min

(paddle wheel)
0.8–200 l/min

Mass flow
0–250 Nm 3


Pressure sensor
temperature sensor
process control sensor




Process control






Profinet Logo


Profibus Logo







Ethernet-IP Logo


CANopen Logo


System examples for temperature control of industrial processes

Multi-channel solution process temperature control


Multi-channel flow system for tempering injection moulding, extrusion and printing processes

  • Compact, modular design
  • Extremely wide control range (0.1 to 20 l/min)
  • Highly dynamic motor valves
  • Flow measurement via ultrasound




Media cabinet for temperature management in pressure die-casting processes


Media cabinet for temperature management in pressure-die casting processes

  • Variable design for cooling circuit with water, air or water/air mixture
  • Clear arrangement in control cabinet
  • Easy cabling through bus communication




Coolant distribution system for extruder temperature control


Coolant distribution system for temperature control of extruders

  • Welded distribution system for leak-free construction
  • Complete process reliability: robust, long service life valves resistant to back pressure stresses
  • Easy installation




Modular valve system for variothermal temperature control


Modular valve system for variothermal temperature control in injection moulding

  • Welded, compact variant for close-to-process placement
  • Leakage-free operation even with extreme temperature fluctuations


Our solutions in various applications

Whether it’s aluminium die casting, food extrusion, injection moulding or extrusion & calibration – the modular system always looks good.

Automated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systemsAutomated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systems

The quality of the final results is always the key focus, regardless of whether you operate or manufacture aluminium casting systems (die casting, gravity die casting). To achieve this, a precisely adapted cooling system plays an important role. Bürkert offers state-of-the-art technologies for the closed-loop control of cooling media. We cover all required levels of complexity – from the delivery of individual valves, actuators and sensors to compact and automated system solutions and complete media cabinets.

Or a completely individual solution with the Bürkert Systemhaus: