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More efficient production processes in the dairy

Digitisation and automation are the key to more flexible, efficient and resource-saving production processes in dairies. There are intelligently networked products and systems from Bürkert for exactly these parameters – including advantages for maintenance and service.


By setting up efficient control circuits with intelligently networked field devices, functions can be outsourced at the field level – the result is reduced programming effort, flexible integration and faster start-up. In this way, fluidic processes in dairy plants can be significantly optimised – even for continuously running processes. You also save energy and reduce unnecessary waste thanks to precise media control in the Clean in Place (CIP) process.

In order to automate production plants, we supply an industry-oriented portfolio for the implementation of decentralised and distributed automation concepts – including universal, intelligent solutions for the integration of all commercially available process valves. We are also responding to the increased demand for individual solutions for smaller batch sizes and also offer a wide range of options for implementing plannable maintenance to avoid plant downtime.

Linearisation of control valve characteristicsLinearisation of control valve characteristics

There are a variety of valve types with different advantages and disadvantages for process control. Angle seat valves are cost-efficient and have a high flow capacity. Diaphragm valves are hygienic and minimise dead space. However, the S-shaped valve characteristic of both types means that the desired gain is only achieved in a relatively small stroke range. Their use is therefore limited. This white paper describes possibilities for linearising S-shaped valve characteristics in order to achieve a characteristic curve that is as linear as possible. This allows the control range of diaphragm and angle seat valves to be increased and process control to be significantly accelerated.

Process automation

The comprehensive portfolio that supports the industry-leading technologies, as well as the user-friendly operation and easy integration of components and systems optimise your processes. 

Increased system efficiency

Detect media changes faster with tailor-made sensors to accelerate product recovery and Clean in Place (CIP) processes. This saves resources and avoids rejects.

Everything from a single source

From the complete control loop, in which we combine actuators and sensors, to the turnkey system or control cabinet solution – we offer a broad portfolio and the ability to combine it.

Process optimisation in the dairy with Bürkert

Raw milk processing
The requirement: Increase process efficiency by means of precise temperature control.
The Bürkert solution: Our flow measurement automation components enable precise adjustment of heating and cooling temperatures of heat exchangers for efficient heating and cooling of the dairy product, thereby reducing energy consumption.
Clean in Place (CIP)
The requirement: Increase efficiency in terms of energy and material consumption.
The Bürkert solution: Precise control of steam temperature and amount of detergent reduces energy consumption and maintenance. The multi-parameter flowmeter FLOWave recognises media changes in order to switch between production and cleaning with almost no product loss.
The requirement: Fast, repeatable milk filling.
The Bürkert solution: Flow meter FLOWave with integrated batch controller in combination with filling valves – including precise pressure control in the storage tank.
Process automation
The requirement: Flexibly implementable automation solutions to increase process stability and increase product quality.
The Bürkert solution: Bürkert is the only provider with a comprehensive portfolio for the implementation of decentralised and distributed automation concepts – and can therefore provide neutral advice.
The requirement: Efficient sterilisation of packaging.
The Bürkert solution: With our turnkey systems for the H2O2 sterilisation of PET bottles and cardboard boxes, you can rely on both high efficiency and perfect sterilisation.

Bürkert Systemhaus – always open for fluid technology requirements of dairies

Use the know-how of the Bürkert fluidics specialists: With our digital fluid systems and modern measuring technology for dairies, you act more efficiently. We listen, analyse and develop forward-looking solutions up to series production. You and your projects are always welcome in the Systemhaus – on site, by telephone or virtually.

  • Ideas manufacturing

    Experienced consultants, qualified industry specialists and dedicated engineers work directly with you to develop a solution for your requirements for automation processes. Thanks to our network of five Systemhaus locations in Germany, China and the US, you can rely on flexible and efficient project management – from the initial idea to the implementation of solutions for the process optimisation of dairies.

    Directly to Systemhaus

Measurably safe, measurably efficient

Up to


Time savings in the disinfection process thanks to the Bürkert system solution.


Standardised automation through intelligent, universal control heads, positioners or valve islands.

Up to


less loss of product due to accurate recognition of media changes with FLOWave Type 8098.


Our solutions for automation processes in dairies

Distributed automationDistributed automation

Whether it's the production of pharmaceuticals or food, hygiene, safety and 24/7 monitorability are paramount. You can achieve these goals, for example, by automating your plant or machine in a distributed manner. This works for both new and existing installations and does not have to be complicated. Bürkert supports you with optimally coordinated, compact solutions that fit into existing structures and are flexible - after all, you have to think about tomorrow today and also consider future innovation steps in the context of digitisation. Discover just how easy it is to combine our wide range of components and integrate valve islands, control cabinets and process valves into an automation system. We advise you objectively, solution-neutrally and with a lot of experience.

Type 8802

ELEMENT continuous control valve systems - overview

Type 8802
  • Integrated automation with leading technology
  • High service life and maintenance-free operation
  • Excellent control characteristics, especially for angle seat and globe valve

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D


From practice: Fluid solutions for dairies

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