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Customized Solutions

Do you want to develop and realise a customized solution with us?




Levels of System Integration

One size does not always fit all and customized bespoke solutions are our specialty.

Creating the perfect solution that provides the correct value to meet specifications of form, fit and function requires flexibility, creativity, and skill. Burkert understands that in some cases, more complex integration from our project partner team can reduce development time, increase production, and ensure seamless integration of components. We also know that in other situations, this is simply not necessary and as a component supplier can dedicate our efforts to providing an off-the-shelf solution that fits your application design quickly.

Levels of System Integration

Component Systems

-Most simple integration made up of individual valves, sensors, controllers

-Connected using piping, elbows, fittings and cables


-Standard components assembled to a manifold

-Smaller, customer-specific connections & dimensions, standard cabling

Fully Integrated 

-Standard and non-standard components

-Customer-specific manifolds, piping, enclosures and mounting

-Tailored PCB design, electrical connectors and communications