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Inline flow and concentration measurement for soft drink production

Beverage mixing systems, for example for soft drink production, need to be able to guarantee the perfect balance between output, safety and taste. Impurities also need to be ruled out completely. To monitor and control this consistent mixture, your plants need components and systems that can continuously and accurately monitor liquids under hygienic conditions. This is the only way to ensure consistently high product quality from your systems, save overall costs and utilise the potential for automating manual processes.

Demanding cleaning processes in soft drink production

Different beverages are often produced in one plant with a mixing system. After each batch process the pipelines are thoroughly flushed with cleaning fluid. This change of media between beverage production and cleaning cycle (CIP) must be reliably identified in the production process. Otherwise, large quantities of rejects can result from unintentional mixture of cleaning agents and product.

Continuous media control in the batch process

The quantities of different media used must also be continuously controlled in ongoing batch processes in order to guarantee consistent taste and the desired product quality.

Electromagnetic flow meters (EMF)
Sensors for inline concentration measurement
Coriolis meter
Mixing tank
Sugar solution

Sicher und automatisiert

The FLOWave Type 8098 measures flow, temperature and differentiation factor in soft drink production plants. To do this, it evaluates the acoustic transmission factor of different liquids. That allows it to quickly, precisely and automatically detect media changes upstream of the mixing tank. Downstream of the mixing tank, the FLOWave Type 8098 determines the exact Brix value. The result: constant product quality monitoring and successful avoidance of rejects. In addition, the FLOWave type 8098 can be integrated into any fieldbus network.

Sugar solution
FLOWave Type 8098
Buffer tank
Mixing tank

Why is it important to determine the differentiation factor?

The FLOWave Type 8098 continuously determines differentiation factor, in addition to flow rates. This is a temperature-compensated measured value. If it changes, the Bürkert solution recognises that another fluid is flowing. By sending the corresponding information to the connected PLC, valves can then be controlled so that they close at the end of a batch process, for example. This fast and precise measuring avoids rejects and increases efficiency.

Learn more about how FLOWave detects media changes:

More profit by quickly identifying media changes

100 litres of liquid per minute flow through a DN50 pipeline. In conventional plants, the media changeover is time-controlled; due to the tolerance, the valve to the drain opens 15 seconds too early. Five media changes a day produce around 125 litres of waste. The FLOWave Type 8098 detects media changes faster and sends a message to the valve, which switches 10 seconds earlier – all of which protects your resources and budgets.

Additional profit per year
Product loss on one production day
Product loss on one production day

Videos on operation and more

Installation and operation made easy: Here you will find a large selection of videos on the FLOWave type 8098.

Measuring wort and condensate effectively and efficientlyMeasuring wort and condensate effectively and efficiently

A consistently familiar beer taste is one of the most important criteria of your beer brand. To ensure the high level of quality remains the same for every batch, you need to check the wort content in the brewing process carefully. To work efficiently, you also need to know how much energy you actually need for your brewing process. This is, for example, indicated by the condensate that is produced when the wort is heated in the brew kettles with steam. Find out how you can make your brewing process more efficient and save valuable time and energy when measuring wort and condensate!

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D

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