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FLOWave: Detecting media changeover

The pipeline has to be rinsed with cleaning fluid after each batch process. This causes product rejects. Discover how FLOWave flowmeter reduces rejects and increases plant efficiency.

  • FLOWave Durchflussmesser auf grauem Hintergrund
  • FLOWave mit schematischer Darstellung einer Molkerei mit Molkereiprodukten auf grauem Hintergrund
  • FLOWave mit durchgestrichener Mülltonne in der gerade eine Milchflasche entsorgt wird
  • Schematische Darstellung eines Molkereiabfüllprozesses mit Sparschwein Icon
  • FLOWave mit verschiedenen Icons (Zielscheibe, Handschuhe, Prozessor, Blöcke, Finger)

Food and beverage manufacturers usually process several products in a single plant. In batch process operations, rejects occur with every media changeover. With FLOWave, Bürkert has managed to develop a flowmeter that quickly detects any media changeover. In terms of your plant, this means: You reduce rejects and increase efficiency. Less product in the waste water also leads to less water treatment costs. Manufacturers of food products, such as milk, beer and lemonade, are already using FLOWave successfully.

Discover in the next section why FLOWave measures to optimum hygiene standards.


Flow Meter in Food processing

Efficiency is key – Regardless of whether you process milk, beer or lemonade: during normal operation, your plant should produce as efficiently as possible.


FLOWave: Challange


Hygienic flow measurement with SAW technology

Hygiene is particularly important in the production of food and beverages. FLOWave therefore meets high level hygiene standards. Thanks to innovative SAW technology, the flowmeter works without sensor elements in the measuring tube. No parts in the measuring tube means: no leaks, no material incompatibility, no maintenance, no pressure drop and easy cleaning.

FLOWave cross section showing SAW principle

Bürkert’s patented SAW technology uses surface acoustic waves to measure the flow of liquids. SAW stands for Surface Acoustic Waves. These waves occur in nature, e.g. as a result of seismic activities. Advantage of the measuring principle: It works without any sensor elements in the measuring tube that come into contact with the medium.


FLOWave: The 7 advantages you should know

Differentiation factor: The decisive difference

FLOWave determines the density continuously. This is a temperature compensated measured value. If it changes, FLOWave recognises that a different liquid is flowing. For example, when milk turns into water at the end of a batch process. This fast and precise measurement reduces rejects and increases the efficiency of your plant.

FLOWave Graph showing the variation of the density factor


In the example, two types of lemonade with varying sugar content are distinguished from each other: the lemonade with more sugar has a differentiation factor of 1.025. The differentiation factor for the lemonade with slightly less sugar is 1.002. The higher the sugar content of a liquid, the higher the differentiation factor.

Fluent and profitable: 100 litres of liquid per minute flow through a DN50 pipeline. In conventional plants, the media changeover is time-controlled; due to the tolerance, the valve to the drain opens 15 seconds too early. With 5 media changeovers per day, around 125 litres of your product end up in the drain. FLOWave detects the media changeover faster, sends a message to the valve, which switches 10 seconds earlier, thereby protecting your resources and your budget.

Discover how to detect media changeover quickly and precisely in order to maximise your profit in our flyer.
Download flyer including example calculation now.

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D