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Customized Solutions

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Automated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systems

The quality of the final results is always the key focus, regardless of whether you operate or manufacture aluminium casting systems (die casting, gravity die casting). To achieve this, a precisely adapted cooling system plays an important role. Bürkert offers state-of-the-art technologies for the closed-loop control of cooling media. We cover all required levels of complexity – from the delivery of individual valves, actuators and sensors to compact and automated system solutions and complete media cabinets.

Fluctuating quality and poor reproducibility

A correctly configured coolant circuit is crucial for the quality of the end products, whether you are developing a new aluminium casting plant or optimising an existing one. In each case, fluidics expertise is required. In conventional solutions, the flow rate of the cooling water is set manually. This means the tempering process is difficult to reproduce and can lead to defective end products.

Media cabinet

Close form


Maintain pressure/holding pressure



Flexible and compact

Cooling aluminium die-casting systems requires special system expertise and a broad product portfolio that allows a wide variety of configurations. Bürkert provides you with both, whether you work with air, water or mixed cooling systems. A digital and automated cooling system provides you with many advantages: You can precisely control and reproduce the coolant cycle, optimize the entire temperature control process with the help of diagnostic information, adjust your processes promptly and track your process data at any time.

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor

Flow sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Electromotive actuator

Pneumatic actuator

Manual actuator
Single channel solution
Multi-channel solution
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Suitable for water cooling

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Suitable for air cooling

From a simple cooling section to a complete media cabinet

We plan and implement complete and compact media cabinets for you according to your needs. These are equipped with the corresponding actuators, sensors and future-proof interfaces in line with your requirements. Bürkert is at your side as a reliable partner at all times, from advice through planning, installation and start-up to maintenance.

Water cooling                                                              Air cooling                                       Water and air cooling

Grafische Darstellung dreier Medienschränke, links mit gelb gefärbten, Mitte mit blau gefärbten rechts mit teils gelb, teils blau gefärbten Leitungen

Reduced cycle time and associated hourly rate savings

The conventional solution is based on pure air cooling and optional minimum quantity mixed cooling. The cooling and production times are too long and the energy costs too high. With the Bürkert solution you can reduce the cycle time by up to 15%. We show you the benefits of this in the calculation example.

                               Conventional solution                                    Bürkert solution

150 producing machines with a running time per day of 16 h and an hourly rate of €30.00
Reduction in cycle time per machine by 15% = at least €4.50
€2,160,000 saving a year (calculated with a saving per hour of €675, at 16 h a day (€10,800) and 200 days)

Reducing the cycle time per machine by 15% results in savings of €2,160,000 per year. With assumed costs of €3,450,000 for the control cabinets for all 150 machines, the payback period is therefore 18 months.



Further application examples of our modular process control platform: