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Customized Solutions

Do you want to develop and realise a customized solution with us?




Point-of-Use Diaphragm Control Valves

Space-saving and Time-saving fully-integrated valves complete with SIP/blowdown ports and “bullhorn” type elbows

Standard Configuration Point-of-Use Diaphragm Control Valves

-ASME  BPE compliant as standard-Available with manual, electric or pneumatic actuation-On/Off and modulating control available-Industry 4.0 ready-Scalable documentation packages available

Space-saving and Time-saving!
Bürkert’s innovative solutions include a number of designs, but one of the most loved is the, 90 degree point-of-use (POU) valve assembly. These fully-integrated valves are provided complete with SIP/blowdown ports and “bullhorn” type elbows, integrated into the ASME BPE (2:1 L/D) and USP class VI (FDA) compliant designed valve for use on USP water system distribution loops.


Application Example: WFI System Solution

Provided a 10” center-to-center dimension for all sizes, from 1. 5” – 4.0” main runs

Allows for prefabrication and accelerated integration

Single plane design
Allows for high density of POU installations

Unmatched modulating control
Ethernet IP (AOP), IO Link (AOI), AS-I, CANopen

On/Off automation solutions
24 VDC (Discrete), IO Link, AS-I, CANopen
With or without “tamper-proof” mechanical stroke limitation

Complete valve assembly designed for continuous processes
Sizing tools freely available

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