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Bürkert valves for industrial inkjet printing

Inkjet technology has become a household term due to its presence on the consumer desktop as a low cost, reliable, relatively quick and convenient method of printing digital files. Now, industrial inkjet technology is opening up new market opportunities for Bürkert components, particularly in the printing and packaging industry.

How does inkjet technology work?



Inkjet is a non-impact dot matrix printing technology in which droplets of ink are jetted from a small aperture directly to a specified position on a media to create an image.

In general terms, inkjet printing requires transporting liquid (ink) from a reservoir (ink chamber) to the printhead and positioning small drops of liquid (ink) onto a medium or substrate (e.g. paper, textiles, ceramics). Involved components in this process usually are an ink chamber (or “cartridge”), a pump, ink channels, and a printhead.

Bürkert's precision in measurement and control systems are therefore ideally suited to the rigours of industrial inkjet printing, as the following application story demonstrates.

Bürkert manifold system for industrial inkjet printing

Bürkert produce various manifold systems with several components specifically designed in close cooperation with InkJet manufacturers.

There are many challenges of solvent distribution including the type of inks and solutions e.g. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). This can lead to swelling of many elastomeric materials. This can be reduced by selecting the appropriate materials such as using peroxide cross-linked EPDM, 316L stainless steel and specialised low ferrite corrosion resistant materials.

Bürkert manufacture products that are suitable for chemicals and solvents used in InkJet printing. Other services include material testing for chemical compatibility, mechanical properties, accelerated life testing including destructive and non-destructive analysis.

Included in the Bürkert standard development program are 3D collaborative CAD design, prototype machine systems, in-house 3D printed models culminating injection moulded components.

With all of these processes in-house, we can minimize the overall time from concept to product launch.

Bürkert plunger, rocker and flipper valves

'Bürkert Type 6624 Valve'

Bürkert manufacture a wide range of miniature solenoid valves with technologies such as plunger, rocker and flipper with low internal volumes which provide superior cleanability and minimal ink and solvent residue. 

By demonstrating expert experience with customised system solutions including injection moulding and material compatibility, Bürkert shows that it is able to design and manufacture complex manifold and component systems in close cooperation with demanding inkjet printer manufacturers.


Type 6624

2/2 and 3/2 way Bürkert TwinPower rocker solenoid valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6624
  • For highest chemical resistance requirements
  • Ultra compact design due to Bürkert Twinpower actuator with 10.3 mm width
  • DN 0.8 (5 bar) and DN 1.6 (2 bar)
  • Integrated hit and hold electronic
  • High back pressure tightness with excellent cleanability