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USA Diaphragm Valve Production

When products are produced closer to where they are installed - everyone wins!

Around the globe, Bürkert customers rely on our high-quality Diaphragm Valves in their Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, Agricultural, Water & Wastewater applications and more. 

As the world continues to advance at a rapid pace, response and delivery times are more critical than ever - but we do not believe in allowing quality to suffer for sake of speed. The solution, and part of our commitment to building a more environmentally sustainable business, is local production of materials. To this end, Bürkert has invested significantly on increased production capabilities on a global scale. 

What began with local assembly in Huntersville, North Carolina of the Type 2000 series Angle Seat valves just a few years ago has grown into full scale production of Diaphragm Valve bodies in the USA, China, and Germany.

No matter the production facility, this allows customers the ability to procure the same Burkert ID#s worldwide, made of the exact same "Triple rated" material across our global production network. Not only does this reduce shipping time and related environmental impacts, but allows for faster response times and expanded production capabilities. 

Customers benefit from the: Same drawings & CAD models, Same Quality Criteria (Specifications, Materials, Surface Finish, Visual Appearance), Same CNC-Machining approach & tooling, Same assembly & testing procedures, Same documentation & certificates - Worldwide.

But wait - there's more! Many of these USA made valve bodies are also included in our Quick Delivery Express Program, shipping in 5 days or less. 

For more details about our Made in the USA Diaphragm Valve offering, contact us via email