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Complete Communication Packages

When devices are connected seamlessly and communication protocols are coordinated together, the entire process is more efficient and cost effective.

Whether it be pharmaceutical, food & beverage, packaging, or even an automated car wash - there are hundreds of thousands of applications in a vast sea of industries that rely upon automation. From pneumatic actuation panels, process controllers, mass flow meters, valves, and sensors - the communication and control of these separate devices can be complex and costly. Fortunately Burkert has unique and creative ways to circumvent these challenges.

Coupled with the wide range of communication protocol options available, each with it's own benefits and caveats, Burkert is constantly working on producing system solutions that ensure a complete control package with synchronized communication and a range of devices that partner together seamlessly. Take a quick look at a recent exampled we shared at the ISPE Boston Product Showcase:

In this demonstration unit, our team has created an example of how these devices can be integrated into a simple, clean control loop operating through a singe IP address for multiple devices. With a maximum of 128 inputs/output combinations, valves, sensors, displays and controllers can easily be integrated to save costs on PLC licensing fees. Easy configuration using the free Burkert Communicator software allows the use of the same hardware for multiple industrial Ethernet protocols (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT). AOIs and AOPs also facilitate the integration into RSLogix.

More on these devices:

Type ME43

Fieldbus gateway

Type ME43
  • Gateway for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus standards
  • Up to 128 input and 128 output variables can be assigned
  • Easy integration in the process control level through system-specific device description files
  • "Batch controller" functionality for precise dosing of liquids
  • Graphical programming for automation of sub-systems

Type ME61

EDIP process display

Type ME61
  • Display with büS Interface (CANopen) in 3.5'' (8.9 cm) und 7'' (17.8 cm) size
  • Displays up to 4 or 64 process values and parameters as well as associated status information
  • Graphic display of time elapsed and touch functionality for entering process parameters and executing configurable actions (7'' display)
  • Easy integration and combination with other devices in the Bürkert EDIP platform
  • Flexible mounting options for DIN rail clip, pipe mounting and wall mounting with a magnetic holder

Type 8652

AirLINE - the valve island optimised for process automation

Type 8652
  • Safety-related shut-off of valves possible
  • Easy diagnostics via LC display
  • Process reliability through pneumatic functions
  • Optimised for installation at the bottom of the control cabinet
  • EX-Versions: ATEX / IECEx Zone 2, cURus Haz. Loc. CL I, II, III Div 2

Type 8653

AirLINE Field – the valve island – optimised for process automation

Type 8653
  • Fieldbus interface CANopen, IO-Link or büS (Bürkert System Bus)
  • Easy diagnostics via LC display
  • Process reliability through pneumatic functions
  • Optimised for installation in the field (IP65/67)

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D

Type 8692

Digital electro-pneumatic positioner for integrated mounting on process control valves

Type 8692
  • Compact and robust stainless steel design
  • Easy start-up with automatic X-Tune function
  • Contact-free position sensor
  • Integrated pilot air duct with spring chamber aeration
  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP-V1 or Bürkert system bus (büS)

Type 8792

Digital electropneumatic Positioner SideControl

Type 8792
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy to start up using Tune function
  • Integrated diagnostic functions for valve monitoring
  • Dynamic actuating system with no air consumption in controlled state
  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP-V1 or Bürkert system bus (büS)

Type 8694

Digital electropneumatic positioner for the integrated mounting on process control valves

Type 8694
  • Compact, robust stainless steel design
  • Start-up by automatic TUNE-function
  • Contact-free position sensor
  • Integrated control air routing
  • AS-Interface, IO-Link or Bürkert System bus (büS)

Type 8681

Control head for decentralized automation of hygienic process valves

Type 8681
  • Universal attachment for hygienic process valves
  • Contactless position measurement system with 3 switching points (Teach-In function)
  • Coloured status display
  • Manual override operative with closed housing
  • AS-Interface, IO-Link, büS/CANopen

Type 8741

Mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flowmeter (MFM) for gases

Type 8741
  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 l/min to 160 l/min
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Very fast response times
  • Simpler device exchange due to configuration memory
  • Optional: USP Class VI, FDA, EC 1935 compliant

To discover a bit more about the network protocol options Burkert offers, check out this video series highlighting the different communication options available in the industrial automation arena. 

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