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Automating Complexity...

The more complex systems get, the more of a challenge they are to design, build and test. See where the industry is headed.

“While the majority of our business is still providing our valves, pumps, and integrated sub-assemblies directly to OEMs, we have seen an increase in our business with contract manufacturers and engineering design firms,” said Craig Occhiato, segment manager for microfluidics for Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, a Charlotte, N.C.-based manufacturer of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases for the medical device industry. “The smaller firms normally buy components and design and build complete systems in-house. Larger and medium size firms, like many OEMs, see the value in outsourcing portions, or the complete fluid handling system, to an experienced firm.”

“Our pneumatically driven pump/dosing systems are a good example,” said Occhiato. “Positive displacement dosing at volumes from 50 uL to 1,500 uL per dose [1-2 percent accuracy] are standard options for cleanable units or single use. While the technology is not new, the design and the manufacturing can be a challenge, draining time and resources. Our standardized modules and experienced team offers our customers this alternative dosing technology to consider that offers many benefits over traditional methods.”

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