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We are obsessed with hygienic

When it comes to health-relevant processes in hygienic and clinical fields, we don’t make compromises. Wherever purity and cleanliness have to be strictly mon­itored, our solutions guarantee maximum safety and simple validation. But even in this segment, requirements never stop coming. Our segmentation approach helps to quickly develop safe new solutions.

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Our solutions in the segment Hygienic.

Whether in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries, the production of foods and beverages or in breweries and dairies – we know the specific hygiene requirements of each and every industry very well. But particularly our customers in the hygienic segment benefit from the combination of experience and knowledge transfer. Because our cross-industry approach allows us to develop solutions, which are as equally safe as they are original and easy to realise. Our hygiene standard entails extreme precision when it comes to optimising processes, which ensures they are implemented with maximum efficiency and at minimum effort.

Why we are organized in segments.

Bürkert’s way of thinking and working in terms of application-based segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro  instead of industries may seem unusual at first. But it allows us to dive deep into your world and gives you the opportunity to benefit from surprisingly new and individual solutions far better than the industry standard.

This organization has two simple reasons:

The first reason is you. Why? These segments establish the most simple and logical connection possible to the application world of each customer. This close relation­ship is in turn the prerequisite for a better understanding of your requirements – and not just of ‘What you do’, but more importantly, of ‘Why you do it’. The answers to these questions are the only fruitful ground on which truly customised ideas can develop.

The second reason is our Bürkert team, which is respon­sible for you and your project. Because thinking and working in terms of segments guarantees consistent technology across industries and a constant flow of knowledge transfer. The synergy of expertise and differ­ent experiences in our teams is in turn prerequisite for developing not only industry-specific but also surprising ideas – faster and more original than others.

References in the segment hygienic:

Flow meter for the production of infusion solutions

Simple, clean and safe

Customer reference

Fruit syrup production process is sweeter thanks to smart valve control from Bürkert

The project scope was to introduce a new fluid control system which would accommodate third party control valves but also provide fieldbus communications to improve the management of the production line.

Customer reference
Success Story Rittal Friesland Campina

Closer to the action – innovative automation system in Hygienic Design enclosure

AirLINE Quick valve islands from Bürkert control pneumatic actors in the thick of the hygiene sector

Customer reference

New control heads in the Fromagerie Bel dairy plant for consistent quality cheese

Providing optimal reliability and safety, the new series 8681 control head is particularly suited to hygienic environments as it offers hygienic design, IP65/67 protection rating and good resistance to chemical cleaning products.

Customer reference

Automation for chemical plants of the future

Automation with valve islands and remote I/O systems for chemical plants of the future for the F3 Factory Project.

Customer reference

A new formulation line for insulin vials

Through its partnership with Bürkert, Novo Nordisk was able to devise a process solution that improved production yield, whilst simplifying its operability and maintenance.

Customer reference

Success Story: B. Braun

Innovative valve interfaces ensure customized productivity in B. Braun LIFE Nutrition plant

Customer reference

Success Story: Unither

Diaphragm valves for an automated production line at Unither Pharmaceuticals

Customer reference

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