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Injection moulding

Plastic parts without post-processing with our Modular Process Control Platform


Benefits for you

  • Compact design
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Reduced cycle times

One of the major challenges in injection moulding is to produce parts that need no post-processing, i.e. they fall from the die ready for use. Typical examples include LCD screen frames, phone and laptop casings and similar items. An important contribution towards achieving this aim is made by variothermal control of the injection moulding tool. Only with this technique is it possible to produce plastic parts without distortion, with the right size and with high surface quality regarding gloss, haptic properties and lack of weld lines.


The main temperature regulation challenge is to enable rapid changes between hot (approx. 180 – 200°C during the injection phase) and cooler temperatures (80 – 120°C). Of course, this should be achieved with low cycle times as far as possible. The secret is to place the valve switching station close to the tool, so the transition from hot to cooler temperatures involves only a very small exchange of water within the system. The Modular Process Control Platform meets these demands.

Application Injection Moulding Scheme

Variothermal, close-to-tool temperature control for injection moulded plastic parts

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