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Decentral automation

Intelligent process control

The diaphragm and process valve systems of the ELEMENT series are ideal for straightforward and flexible solutions. The intelligent, fast-acting process valve systems also help to keep processes lean.



Your benefit

  • Reliable, clear process monitoring
  • Hygienic design for optimal cleanability
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Fast start-up, easy maintenance

Decentral automation can have significant advantages regarding monitoring, flexibility and safety, even with complex projects. If local access to information and valves is required, decentral automation offers many further benefits: The basis is formed by flexible process valve systems that make for lean automation processes and straightforward cabling and piping. This shortens planning phases and makes the plant design more transparent, saving time and money in the installation phase and ensuring a fast start-up. Operation is efficient and economical thanks to the fact that switching intervals are short, with practically no delay times.

In addition, the combination of intelligent information exchange via direct messaging and status diagnosis, greater reliability thanks to clear-cut process monitoring architecture and easy troubleshooting all speak for themselves. LED displays ensure that switching statuses are clearly visible even from a distance. The components can also be cleaned easily and are suitable for thorough washdowns.


When is this concept right for your needs?

  • Layout clarity, flexibility and safety required
  • Information to be available locally
  • For complex plants

What are the special benefits of this solution?

  • Targeted and straightforward process monitoring
  • Simple installation and transparent system design
  • Economic operation through efficient compressed air supply

What are the added values in your case?

  • Reliable, clear process monitoring
  • Hygienic design for optimal cleaning capacity
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Fast start-up, easy maintenance
  • Short design phases
  • Simplified engineering
  • Clear cabling and piping concept
  • Fast-switching valves

A new formulation line for insulin vials

Process solutions to increase production capacity whilst simplifying operatability and maintenance for Novo Nordisc A/S

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Intelligent concepty for individual solutions

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Distributed automation

For the right amount of process control

The flexible combination of complete control cabinets, CLASSIC process valves and the AirLINE valve island series is ideal for safe, close-to-process installation. The interaction of components enables compact solutions based on control cabinets or pneumatic field modules, which can always be extended as needed.

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Central automation

At the heart of your process control

Concentrating all equipment at a single location can be done easily and quickly with mutually compatible components. Proven technology – control cabinets, valve islands, communication modules and CLASSIC valves – work together to provide highest levels of reliability.

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