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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

Automation and control

Intelligent automation - for individual requirements

Why does our competence in finding automation solutions stand out from the crowd?

Right from the start, we take all the various automation options into account, we listen carefully to what you have to say and then provide the advice that suits you best. This provides you with an objective analysis and evaluation of your plant and planning circumstances, which results in an individually tailored automation solution. It is also possible to combine different intelligent concepts – the main aim is to satisfy your specific needs and requirements. This is how you profit from Bürkert’s objective evaluation and solution-finding competence from the beginning right to the end. And you have a partner who is on your wavelength.

Three smart automation concepts from one supplier

A great deal needs to be taken into account when it comes to planning, installing and operating automated solutions. That is why it is very valuable to have a partner who really understands what you need. With the aim of finding the best and smoothest automation solution, we provide you with objective and open advice after exact analysis of the prevailing conditions and requirements. Hence according to circumstances, either one of several concepts can be selected – or several can be combined. You will be able to assess which of the solutions suits you best on the basis of the overview that we have drawn up.

Decentral automation

Intelligent process control

The diaphragm and process valve systems of the ELEMENT series are ideal for straightforward and flexible solutions. The intelligent, fast-acting process valve systems also help to keep processes lean.

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Distributed automation

For the right amount of process control

The flexible combination of complete control cabinets, CLASSIC process valves and the AirLINE valve island series is ideal for safe, close-to-process installation. The interaction of components enables compact solutions based on control cabinets or pneumatic field modules, which can always be extended as needed.

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Central automation

At the heart of your process control

Concentrating all equipment at a single location can be done easily and quickly with mutually compatible components. Proven technology – control cabinets, valve islands, communication modules and CLASSIC valves – work together to provide highest levels of reliability.

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Process automation with ingenuity

Intelligent concepty for individual solutions

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