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Systems with Logix 5000™ controllers – How you can massively speed up parametrising

Add-on profiles considerably speed up the configuration and parameterisation of EtherNet/IP-based components in systems with ‘Logix 5000™’ automation solutions by Rockwell Automation. This saves valuable time for system constructors and integrators after device replacement and when recommissioning complex systems. At the same time, they are supported by helpful functions during configuration and parametrising, which reduces susceptibility to errors and creates significant free space. Find out more in our whitepaper.

Rockwell Studio 5000 parameterization of a bürkert valve island with individual add-on profile

This white paper will inform you about:

  • Different configuration methods in the ‘Studio 5000®’ software environment by Rockwell Automation
  • The process for parametrising components from third party manufacturers
  • The benefits of individually created add-on profiles