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Linearisation of control valve characteristics

There are a variety of valve types with different advantages and disadvantages for process control. Angle seat valves are cost-efficient and have a high flow capacity. Diaphragm valves are hygienic and minimise dead space. However, the S-shaped valve characteristic of both types means that the desired gain is only achieved in a relatively small stroke range. Their use is therefore limited. This white paper describes possibilities for linearising S-shaped valve characteristics in order to achieve a characteristic curve that is as linear as possible. This allows the control range of diaphragm and angle seat valves to be increased and process control to be significantly accelerated.

Comparison of different valve characteristics

This White Paper informs you about:

  • Different types of valve characteristics and control related challenges with S-shaped valve characteristics
  • Increasing the control quality and speeding up the control process with characteristic curve linearisation
  • More compact systems, more efficient asset management and faster commissioning thanks to the extended application range of diaphragm and angle seat valves