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Process Valves w/o Compressed Air

The new range of motorized process control valves are setting the benchmark in technological leadership.

Electromotive; 3360; 3361

Electromotive process control valve

As an industry leader that is familiar with driving change in process automation, Burkert is changing the way our customers think about process automation and setting new standards in regards to cost and operating efficiencies. The new range of motorized process control valves are setting the benchmark in regards to technology leadership. Whether your goals are to improve production & operating efficiencies, improve energy reduction targets, reduce your consumption of compressed air or to prioritize, plan and schedule downtime for preventive maintenance (PM); we suggest you consider this intelligent positioner with multiple fieldbus options that easily integrate into a site wide communication infrastructure.


Features at a glance:

  • Reduced energy consumption & demand on air compressors with motorized solutions.
  • Higher positioning accuracy as ball screw is virtually hysteresis and stick-slip free.
  • Increased plant productivity with expanded diagnostic & predictive maintenance capabilities.
  • Smart & Industry 4.0 compliant with Fieldbus protocols of Ethernet IP, Profinet & Modbus available.
  • Increased safety with innovative safe position energy pack.

Please find our 'High-precision control with outstanding speed' brochure, here;

Target industries for the process valves include Healthcare, Food & Beverage & Water treatment. Specific applications where you would find the Type 3360/3361 include:

  • Plant Utilities
  • Process heating & cooling applications
  • Fermentation
  • Pasteurization (HEX)
  • Sterilization
  • Dosing.

More information can be found here; Type 3360 & Type 3361.

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