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Bürkert Webinar Series

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

We invite you to join us as our team of specialists in their field present a series of Webinars dedicated to advancing the industry on both relevant and timely topics as well some basic concept knowledge. At Bürkert, we understand how important it is to continue learning and also stay connected.

Our field segment managers have a wealth of knowledge not only on our products, but also in the wider industry and they are eager to share this with you online.

We welcome you to check out our library of On-Demand Webinars by clicking the images below:

Angle Seat vs. Ball Valves: Taking a look at the properties of each valve technology, advantages and disadvantages, and applications suited for each style of valve.

Distributed Plant Automation for Safe Production: Reliable process control and continuous monitoring solutions

Decentralized Process Automation: Industrial Communication and Intelligent Valve Solutions

Process Automation Solutions with Rockwell Automation AOP/AOI/EDS

Mass Flow Controllers - How to Properly Test, Validate & Calibrate, Common Mistakes

Isolation Valves 101: Taking a look at Isolation Valve technology, selection & terminology, as well as latest innovations in valve tech.

Sample Integrity & Waste Reduction: Producing higher yields while minimizing waste and product losses

Precision Dosing Techniques: Utilizing Time-Pressure Dosing Technology to produce exacting results consistently & repeatably