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We’re open and here to serve you!

First, we hope this message finds you, your families and everyone safe during these challenging days. We find real encouragement in how our communities are drawing together during this time.

Burkert USA recognizes you may have questions about deliveries and service due to the fast changing events involving the COVID-19 virus.

We do not foresee any interruption of service on the event horizon at this time.

Steps We are Taking to Ensure Parts are Available:

Many of you have already seen the letter from our corporate team indicating that our parts supply chain remains stable.

With a high number of flights cancelled, airfreight delivery issues are a bit of a challenge. In some cases, we are currently experiencing a few days of additional shipping for certain parts. For most of our customers, our local inventory will be enough to absorb this delay and you will not see any change in delivery times. However, we do ask for your patience if we have a few short delays as we try to resolve these issues. We will be proactive whenever possible to advise you of any delays that will affect you.


Increased U.S. Inventory to Serve Our Customers with 5 Day Shipping time:

In addition, we have added a significant amount of additional inventory to help serve customers that need parts quickly, but may be having difficulties sourcing these parts right now. We have increased our U.S. inventory of some of our most popular products and are promising 5-day shipment times (as long as no one orders any large quantities and takes all of the additional inventory). Here is a link to see what this “Quick Delivery Program” has in stock.


Steps we are Taking to Ensure Manufacturing in our USA Factory has No Delivery Interruptions:

Toward the goal of preventing any delivery interruptions, we have already taken several steps to help prevent the introduction of the virus within the Burkert USA community through several added measures:

• We have as many people as possible working from home.

• We have eliminated air travel and cancelled all international travel.

• For our colleagues who work in our USA factory and production areas that cannot work from home, we have instituted strong measures of protection:

-       Increased social distancing.

-       Splitting shifts to reduce contact times.

-       Daily Temperature checks and wellness interview for every employee as they arrive for work

-       Increased frequency and thorough disinfection of all of our work areas.

-       Addition of Plexiglas partitions between workstations.


We thank you for your business partnership and look forward to working together for many years into the future.


2 November 2020 Letter to Customers COVID19 Update Version 2

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