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System Platform for Time-Pressure Dosing

If liquid media are to be precisely filled in small and varying amounts in medical or laboratory technology, the pharmaceutical industry or food production, the time-pressure dosing method is often a perfectly suited blend of flexible and hygienic.


In the pressure-time metering, the medium is conveyed from a pressure vessel through a valve to the dispensing needle. The tank pressure and, if necessary, the temperature of the medium are precisely controlled; while other process parameters, such as e.g. monitors the viscosity and takes into account flow resistance.

Precise, fast and flexible
The media flow is controlled by opening or closing the valve for a defined time per switching cycle. High dosing speed is combined with high dosing accuracy while maintaining high reproducibility and repeatability. The dosage remains flexible, because the delivery times can be varied at any time using the parameters time and pressure. In the range of a few μl up to several ml the system has no limits. With the time-pressure dosing can be realized very uniform dosages, for example when filling blister packs, there are no splashes that could cause problems later when closing. The upstream fluid management system allows the dosing to continue even while the pressure tank is being refilled.
Ready for Industry 4.0
Data transfer within the dosing system is handled by the device platform EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform), with which all electronic Bürkert devices can be intelligently networked. The integrated communication in the plant is then possible via any bus system and the course in terms of Industry 4.0 is set. For example, when a tank needs to be filled, order processes can be initiated automatically. Pressure, temperature, filter conditions, flow and much more can also be queried remotely, maintenance cycles are customizable, and cleaning of the system is also possible automatically, minimizing downtime.
Various applications
The fields of application of the time-pressure dosage are broad. There are possibilities of use, for example. in filling machines in medical technology, in laboratory analysis, in pharmacy production, in food technology and also in the consumer sector, for example when moist or disinfectant wipes are produced.

Interested in finding out even more about this technology? Shoot us an email to and mention time-pressure dosing. We'll email you a copy of the tech report on this application as well as the contact info for your Area Sales Rep.

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