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Selecting the right product even faster

We are pleased to offer a brand new product-filter at the website which can assist you in selecting the right articles even faster.


These new features are now available within the new selection- and filter-tool:

Prominent position & easy-to-find filter tool


  • Easy-to-find filter function
  • Selected filters are shown prominently at the top (within the blue box)
  • Selections can be readjusted after showing the results

Optimized arrangement and options for fast and intuitive selection of products

Product Filter Tool


  • Optimized set of attributes for an even faster selection: “Leave out the parts that people skip” (compared to the old filter-tool)
  • You don‘t have to know every detail, just select as many as you know

Overview of all, at this point, available attribute groups

Link to overview of the categories


Attribute categories


  • Get an overview of all main categories
  • Different needs for different customers: Easy selection of what parameters are most important to you

“Advanced-Mode” = additional attributes & more detailed filtering

Advanced Switch


  • More technical? Try the “advanced mode” to see additional and more specific technical attributes (great for “tekkies”)

Quick adjustment of groups, attributes and values after each selection step (Usability)

selected filters and results


  • Fast reduction of possible selected filters
  • Only filters are shown which still have options to select, otherwise they are hidden
  • Already selected filters and results are displayed on the bottom of the filter-tool

Mobile optimized (try it!)


  • Selecting the right products also on the go
  • Whether you are using a desktop computer, mobile device or a tablet, the filter tool will automatically be shown in the best available view


Enough theoretical stuff? Try it yourself within our product area:

Products & Applications

My Comparison List