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Burkert USA Virtual Tour

Come and visit our Burkert USA facility from the comfort of your own device. Virtual tours of the Huntersville campus are just a click away with a respect for maintaining social distance for now.

The 173,000 square-foot U.S. Headquarters currently accommodates over 120 employees who utilize the campus which boasts floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire office space, a fitness center with an indoor half basketball court, and two-story atrium that runs the length of the building.

A 43.7kW solar farm comprised of 366 panels on the roof supplies power directly to the facility and transfers power back to the grid during low usage. To reduce lighting needs, four separate bays of skylights plus 14 Solatubes provide natural daylight to our employees in the climate controlled production and warehouse area. The manufacturing area includes two separate CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine shops to produce manifolds designed by our engineers. Valve systems are assembled and tested in our class 10,000 Clean Room.

Come on in and take a look at our home away from home here at Burkert USA!

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