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5 fixed facts about using our quick order function

Discover the new features and switch to the fast lane! With our revised quick order, it is now even more efficient to order desired Bürkert products online.

Do you know what you want? Then you're on the fast track to completing your order. While retaining the basic concept of three different ordering options, we have optimised the layout and structure and added smart and useful functions.

5 facts on how to step on the gas when ordering:

1. Keep an overview in the cockpit: Clear arrangement of your order options in three tabs.

2. Choose the fastest route: With the autosuggest function, you can get to suggested items even faster.

3. You can rely on our navigation system: Direct check of the accuracy of the items and whether follow-up products are offered if an item has expired. These can be added directly!

4. Intermediate goals can also be inserted: Create, save and expand as many watch lists as you like and add items with a click. Or download your item list.

5. You are also welcome to ask us personally for directions: If you have any questions, the contact persons are displayed directly (when logged in).

What exactly has changed?

1. Better orientation through the clear arrangement of the order options:

We have retained all three options for your quick order and arranged them clearly in a tab structure. This way you keep an overview. All of the following extensions can be used in all three order variants.


2. Autosuggest function for even more convenient and safe selection:

Entering a few digits is sufficient to receive corresponding item suggestions. This speeds up the selection of the desired product. Furthermore, the displayed item images provide additional orientation for the item selection.


3. Immediate validation and correction suggestions during data entry:

Notes on the identification numbers entered provide important and helpful information on items and their status. They also offer the possibility to correct entries accordingly. However, should something go wrong, lines or even the entire list can be deleted with one click.


4. Integrated watchlist and download function:

Any number of watchlists with individual designations (e.g. for different projects) can be created directly from the quick order. Products from any watchlist can be added directly to the shopping basket.

With the help of the download function for item lists, you can handle recurring orders even more quickly in future. Once the desired items have been selected, they can be downloaded and saved as a list with just two clicks. Two options are available: Short and detailed item list. Generated lists can thus be used for recurring orders or other tasks.


5. Take it personally:

Logged-in users are shown the contact details of their Bürkert contact person so that they can clarify questions quickly and easily and obtain information if required.


Try it out right away with your next order - you will be thrilled by the efficiency and simplicity:

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